4 Years

Yesterday Estella and I celebrated 4 wonderful years together. It has been such an amazing journey with so many grand adventures. She is most definitely everything I could have ever dreamed of, a real dream-come-true. I am so thankful for all the time we get to spend together and look forward to all of the adventures to come. Cheers to 4 years, EllieBean! Love you the most ever.

The first time I ever saw her:


Our first day together, back when she was nameless:

The Journey Has Begun


 This also means that Estella is officially the longest I have ever owned the same horse. For some reason, I seemed to be stuck at 3: I owned Velvet for 3 years, leased Chauncey for 3 years, owned LaBelle for 3 years, and owned Sonny for 3 years. Three was certainly the magic number that Estella has passed. There’s never been any doubt that she would be my “forever” horse, but this certainly makes it feel official!


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  1. Tracy - Fly On Over

    Happy horseversary! <3

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