Annual June Photos

When I first started this blog, I did monthly updates with photos of Estella’s conformation. Now I just do them yearly, so every beginning of June I force my hubby to endure the task of getting her ears forward and her feet lined up so I can get some conformation shots! (He’s actually quite willing to cooperate, it’s usually Estella who has better things to do).

I am excited that these are the first ones having her home. We’ve made some big changes and I am thrilled to see comparisons. I’ve already mention the changes in her being out 24/7, but I’ve made some feed changes as well. She has always been on a balanced diet, but has been on a 30% protein complete feed since I bought her. Upon moving her home, I started doing a ton of research for Bella’s health (sweet itch and possibly IR), which caused me to feel nervous about complete feeds. I am sure there are some good feeds and good companies out there, but why risk it when she’s already getting a balanced diet? I was initially worried about switching her off all the protein, but you don’t know until you try!

It’s been two months since the switch and I am thrilled to say she looks better than ever! Even with no show sheen or shampoo, her coat looks better than ever. She is certainly shining from the inside out! I think her muscle tone looks fantastic and her feet are wonderful. She does have a bit of a hay belly, but she get’s it from her mama ;).

I am thrilled to see all these positive changes in Bella, too. Super shiny, amazing feet, and just looking healthier and healthier. I wish I could say her sweet itch was getting better, but that’s another post for another day.

Without further ado, here are the June Conformation Photos:



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  1. Matt

    Ellie looks so sleepy lol and Bella looks amazing!!!!

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