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Back in the fall, a friend sold me their Foscam indoor security camera. It was my first and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I bought it to put in our kennel room so that I could keep an eye on my board and train dogs and my new puppy. I really, really love the camera and the app. It’s easy to use, the quality is great, the night vision works really well and it has two way sound. I liked it so much I bought another for our living room where my own dogs stay. It’s such a great way to check on them anytime I am gone, or outside for long periods of time.


When I officially purchased Arya, I immediately thought about getting a camera for the barn. The camera I have for the dogs is indoor only, so I started looking into the Arlo outdoor cameras. Back when I moved Estella and Bella home, I checked on them every hour or so because I was so worried about them in the stalls at a new place. Even though I can almost always see them from my house, I can’t see them in the stalls very well. So if I had a camera in the stalls, that would cut down on a lot of my worrying if I could check on them anytime.


We hung the camera before Arya came and it worked really well! Since she stayed in the stall overnight for the first few nights, it was a great way to check on her and make sure all was well without having to go all the way out to the barn. I even woke up a few times throughout the night and was checking on her at crazy times such as 2 or 4 AM. Just seeing her safe in the stall was enough to help me relax. So the camera fulfilled its purpose and I am definitely glad I went through with it, but for anyone thinking of purchasing one, here are some things to keep in mind:

-The app isn’t as user-friendly as my indoor cameras. With my indoor cameras, you can easily click over from day to night vision with one button as you are currently watching the live stream. With the Arlo camera, you have to go to settings, then devices, then click on your camera, then click on video settings, then click on night vision, then go back to the main screen and start your video over. Seriously? Who didn’t think of what a giant pain in the ass that is? I’d love to see that feature improved on future app updates.

-The night vision isn’t all that great at distance. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was pretty disappointed to find that I couldn’t see my entire stall on night vision. My stall is around 11×22, and I definitely couldn’t see the far end of it. Thankfully I could see Arya’s blanket reflecting some down at the far end and could tell she was still there, but I couldn’t see her at all.

-This is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning: if you want to keep an eye on your horse outside of the stalls, you need a lot more cameras. I currently have both mares locked out of the stalls (so that Estella doesn’t get cornered in there), but that also renders my camera useless right now. We’ll probably end up moving it, but based on the set up of the barn, I definitely need another in order to see them no matter where they stand by the barn if that’s what I want.

Also, I have had a few issues with the camera itself. Shortly before Arya came, the view was suddenly tinted red/pink. Apparently it isn’t an uncommon thing to happen. I reset the camera and it works fine again, but definitely a pain in the butt to get it down and reset. They said if it happens again they will send me a new one, which is good to hear. Along those lines, sometimes when I switch from night mode to day mode, day mode remains black and white for a little while after the switch. Not a huge deal, but again, just annoying.

Both of the types of cameras I have do have the ability to set up motion detection and alarms and other things that I have no use for, so sorry no input on those!

For what it’s worth, the ability to have a wireless, weatherproof camera in the barn is really fantastic! For the money, I had a bit higher expectations, but overall am still very happy. I would definitely recommend the Arlo for anyone looking for a barn camera!


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  1. I used a $40 dLink camera in my barn when Paige was pregnant. I learned pretty early on that if I left a light on in the far end of the stall, I could see that end well enough to know she wasn’t foaling. The nice thing about my foaling stall was that is only had partial walls, so it was easy to leave a light on 24′ from the stall to help with extra light, but not so close that I felt like it was keeping her awake. The most frustrating part about the whole arrangement was using a pre-paid Wifi hotspot to get the camera to run at the barn. There’s no wifi up there, which is frustrating.

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