Arya Update – 1

If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post last week, you could see that we got a ton of snow. In less than 24 hours we got around 10 inches, which would have been plenty for the Midwest, but was absolutely insane for North Carolina. With the highs back in the 60s, most of the snow has melted off already, but everything is flooded.

Arya, being a Michigan native, didn’t seem to mind the snow at all, with the exception of the gigantic snowballs compacting in her front shoes. I could NOT keep them out. I regularly picked them, tried vasoline and pam, but it was no use. We suffered 2.5 days and that was enough for me for a lifetime. I really don’t know how you northerners have horses with shoes!


Thankfully, her shoes came off on Friday, January 19th. Her feet are pretty overgrown, but seem to be in fairly decent shape considering she had shoes on. Her soles seem to have been left alone to callus (praise that farrier!), so with the exception of some overgrown bars, thin soles and flared walls, they already look pretty fantastic. Because of that, she doesn’t appear to be sore at all and is already landing flat-footed instead of toe first. Of course with the weather she isn’t working right now, but seems comfortable walking around.

Left Front
Right Front

The dynamic between Estella and Arya is still going well. There have been a few questionable moments, mainly when Estella feels cornered and panicked. At one point Estella jumped an almost 4’ section of wood fence under the barn roof to get away. She was just standing there in the corner when Arya started heading her way and from a complete standstill, cleared the fence. I saw the whole thing and shit my pants waiting for her knees to catch on the newly-hung 2×4 and flip over, but she didn’t even touch it. She proceeded to calmly walk out to the back pasture to eat, like all of that was totally planned. It obviously scared the shit out of me, but I totally understand it. If anyone remembers when we first moved to NC, the third day she was here a chestnut mare cornered her and took a baseball-sized chunk out of her butt. A few drainage tubs, weeks of stall rests and a lot of stitches later, she doesn’t play around with being cornered anymore lol.

The good news is that Arya is so non-confrontational, I have had no concerns leaving them together all day. Arya arrived on a Friday night and remained separated until Monday. On Monday and Tuesday they were turned out together during the day but separated at night. Since turnout Wednesday, they have been together non-stop. I am leaving everything open besides the stalls, so Estella always has a way out and that has totally taken the pressure off of her. They still aren’t besties, but are never far apart, nap together, call to each other, and now tolerate eating out of the same hay pile.

I have noticed that Arya loves food, naps and attention, just like every other female on our farm LOL. She certainly fits right in and I am so thrilled to have her as part of the family!

Also, for anyone interested, we are pronouncing her name Arya like Mariah, without the M. NOT like Arya from the Game of Thrones.  😉

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