The Progression of Downward Transitions

When I first started riding Estella, our downward transitions were on point. Even with only a handful of rides under our belt, she was responding effortless to my energy from trot to walk to halt. At some point while we were still in Ohio, we lost all ability to go from a trot to a […]

4 Years

Yesterday¬†Estella and I celebrated 4 wonderful years together. It has been such an amazing journey with so many grand adventures. She is most definitely everything I could have ever dreamed of, a real dream-come-true. I am so thankful for all the time we get to spend together and look forward to all of the adventures […]

Breakthroughs With Bella

Yesterday I finally had some time to play with both girls. Between being busy with the farm and the weather, our sessions have been sporadic the past few weeks. We all enjoyed getting back to the arena and had a lovely time. Afterwards, we set up the trailer to practice some for the first time […]

What Happened When I Turned My Horses Out 24/7

As a disclaimer, I have spent 20+ horse-owning years in Ohio. For those of you who don’t know, daily turnout is an urban legend in Ohio. We like to do this thing where we advertise “Daily Turnout – Weather Permitting”…. sound reasonable enough! Except the weather sucks and the soil sucks, so it means your […]

Lessons From Bella

I mentioned in my last post that Bella is most certainly in my life to teach me things in ways that Estella can’t. Estella is confident, pushy, and curious, which is definitely the kind of horse I like. A big difference from Bella’s more skeptical nature, something I haven’t experienced much of on a regular […]

Bella Training Update – 2

My last Bella update has been about a month ago and I feel like we have changed drastically since then. Although she is still quite timid in certain situations, the change in her calmness has been incredible. She is finding relaxation sooner and coming back to it quicker. What I have noticed is that Bella isn’t spooky […]

Farm Update

I have been meaning to do more Bella updates, but have been so busy outside that I haven’t had much computer time. There’s rain in the forecast for the next few days, so maybe some blog time soon? Here is a quick update of some of the things we’ve been doing around the farm: These […]

The Vaccination Struggle

Lately I have been seeing a variety of vaccination articles floating around the web, most of them discussing the prominent over vaccination in the horse industry. This discussion feels more important to me now that ever, for a few reasons. In the fall Estella had a bad reaction to a rabies booster. Because she has […]

Farm Updates – One Month

Life on the farm has been going exceptionally well. We officially passed the one month mark on Tuesday, which means it is finally sinking in that I have my ponies at home <3. The girls continue to settle in more and more everyday, we are all getting adjusted to our new schedules, and really starting […]

Bella Training Update – 1

Bella has been with me for over two weeks now and I have been playing with her for just over one week. Some general thoughts about my initial experiences with her: She is such a sweet girl and tries really, really hard. She definitely wants to be a “good girl” and wants to do the […]