Farm Update

I have been meaning to do more Bella updates, but have been so busy outside that I haven’t had much computer time. There’s rain in the forecast for the next few days, so maybe some blog time soon? Here is a quick update of some of the things we’ve been doing around the farm: These […]

The Vaccination Struggle

Lately I have been seeing a variety of vaccination articles floating around the web, most of them discussing the prominent over vaccination in the horse industry. This discussion feels more important to me now that ever, for a few reasons. In the fall Estella had a bad reaction to a rabies booster. Because she has […]

Farm Updates – One Month

Life on the farm has been going exceptionally well. We officially passed the one month mark on Tuesday, which means it is finally sinking in that I have my ponies at home <3. The girls continue to settle in more and more everyday, we are all getting adjusted to our new schedules, and really starting […]

Bella Training Update – 1

Bella has been with me for over two weeks now and I have been playing with her for just over one week. Some general thoughts about my initial experiences with her: She is such a sweet girl and tries really, really hard. She definitely wants to be a “good girl” and wants to do the […]

Settling In

Now that we have all been home for over a week, everyone is really starting to settle in. My 4:45 AM alarm doesn’t bother me (thank God I am a morning person), our schedules are in full swing and the girls are really calming down. The only thing we have had an issue with has […]

Introducing Bella

I know everyone has been wondering who this adorable pony is in all my photos, so it’s time I introduce Bella! When we officially closed on the house, one of my first concerns was finding a companion for Estella. We all know how difficult mares can be making friends, and after the traumatic bite at […]


I am happy to say we are all settled in at the new house! Matt and I (along with my dad) moved in on Sunday after a successful last day packing and cleaning our old house. We spent Monday making last minute preparations for the horses and Tuesday was here so soon. My dad and […]

And The Winner Is…

Thank you to all who entered my Exquisite Equine Apparel giveaway! I am overwhelmed by the kind comments and support, thank you all so much! I am thrilled with all the positive response to my designs and hope you all love the new ones to come, too! Without further ado, the winner of this giveaway […]

Last Day To Enter The Giveaway!

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to enter the Exquisite Equine Apparel Giveaway! Check out this blog post for all the details. Thanks so much to all those who have entered! Good Luck!! View all shirt designs here

Within The Week

If all goes well, within the week Estella will be HOME! It’s still a little incomprehensible at the moment, but the more we get done the more real it seems. This past weekend was theĀ epitome of a productive weekend; I am so grateful for all of the wonderful men in my life who have come […]