Bella Training Update – 2

My last Bella update has been about a month ago and I feel like we have changed drastically since then. Although she is still quite timid in certain situations, the change in her calmness has been incredible. She is finding relaxation sooner and coming back to it quicker.

What I have noticed is that Bella isn’t spooky or worried, she’s just pretty skeptical about things being done to her. But unfortunately, with sweet itch, a mystery bump on her neck, trimming her feet, and her general care, there are plenty of times that these things are necessary. She’s gotten much better about her feet and occasionally allows me to rub creams on her belly, but then there are some times, for whatever reason, that she gets incredibly skeptical and her response is to always get away! Not that I can blame her, that’s a perfectly normal response for a horse, but it is interesting to me that I could put cream on her belly in the same way for 9 times without it being an issue, then for some reason it is a HUGE deal on the 10th. Is it something about my attitude or intentions? I’m not sure, all I can do is try to gain to her trust and confidence in me. She has most certainly come a long way in trusting me, but we still have a ways to go.

As far as our training sessions, she has been so incredible! She absolutely loves them and has really been coming out of her shell. I’m seeing more of her sassy side which is just as cute as it sounds. We’ve been playing with stretching at the walk, maintaing trot for longer periods (gotta get in shape somehow), increasing her comfort zone in being further away from me, and trailer loading! Trailer loading was initial a big deal, but it has gotten so much better. I’ll save that for it’s own post.

As much as I love her cute little face, sometimes she makes daily life difficult for me (like for the first month that she was here, she would stand outside her stall looking in when I dumped her food in there, but would not walk in unless I threw a lead rope over her neck. No, I didn’t have to walk her in, I just had to go through the effort of walking to get it and throwing it over her neck. Why???). I’m so used to confident, bossy, dramatic (who could I possibly be talking about? lol!) horses, that Bella’s skepticism is totally new for me. I know that she’s here for a reason and sharing experiences that I definitely need. She really is the cutest, sweetest thing and I absolutely adore the shit out of her. She clearly has so much desire for human love and affection, so hopefully one day she can completely let down her walls down and be the brave, curious pony that I know is hidden in there somewhere. Not to mention Estella loves her to death and there’s no doubt that Bella is worth all the extra effort if Estella thinks so highly of her.

Photo by Heidi Bee Photography

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  1. Bella sounds a lot like Holly! 🙂

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