The Equine

Name: Estella
Nicknames: Ellie, Ellie Mae, EllieBean, Bean, Booboo
Color: Dark Bay
Age: 5
Height: 16.1
Weight: 1,200 lbs.
Favorite Treats: Apples, carrots, mints, donuts, really anything..
What she enjoys: Eating, Sunbathing, Exploring, Grazing, Snacking..
Theme Song: Can’t Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus
Three words to describe her: Brave, Authentic, Gorgeous

History: I bought Estella on May 8, 2013. Prior to that, she had been with her breeder since birth. She hasn’t done much except be led from her pasture to her stall and back, so everything is an exciting, new experience.

Currently: As of the beginning of 2017, we are starting Straightness Training, riding occasional, and going for trail walks as often as possible!

Future: Estella’s plans are to be an extremely successful mare so that she can live a luxurious live of eating grass, being hand fed treats, and having all of the hottest geldings wrapped around her hoof.

[Last Updated: December 20, 2016]

5 thoughts on “The Equine

  1. She is stunning! How is she bred?

  2. lisa clements

    i wrote on another page about your mares mom 🙂 She was mine~ as a youngster email me

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