Estella’s 6th Birthday

We celebrated Estella’s 6th birthday back on July 14th! It’s hard to believe that she’s 6 already, making this the our 4th birthday celebration together. It was possibly the hottest, most humid day of the year, so unfortunately we didn’t do anything but eat treats!


The next day we took Estella and Bella for their first outing together to a local forest! It was Bella’s first time in our trailer and Estella’s first trail walk since last year. Both girls were absolutely perfect! They loaded beautifully and were calm the whole walk. We definitely can’t wait to go back.


There’s no doubt she enjoyed her 6th birthday. We look forward to many, many, many more!


2 thoughts on “Estella’s 6th Birthday

  1. OMG birthday pics were too cute!!

    • Hehe thanks!! She’s the cutest!

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