Estella’s Pedigree

Prior to Estella, I have never been interested in any of my horse’s pedigree. Most of my horses haven’t had traceable pedigrees (a PMU foal, an old thoroughbred with a blurred tattoo, and two, unregistered warmbloods), so I haven’t given them much thought. Although Estella isn’t registered, I bought her from her breeder so I was able to ask about her pedigree.

Her sire is Dacaprio, a handsome chestnut hanoverian. His pedigree is quite impressive, with his grandsire being the of the dressage Horse of the century, Donnerhall. I find that really incredible that in my horse there is a little piece of Donnerhall!

Dacaprio is internationally recognized for both his successes in the show ring with Susanne Meyer and for his ability as a sire to stamp his offspring with his wonderfully elastic gaits, athleticism, beauty, as well as his exemplary character and rideability.

I would say that Estella has definitely picked up the best of his traits! He is known for producing tremendous willingness and rideability to his offspring, which I can see in Estella. Although she is a diva 99% of the time, she definitely has the desire to learn and is extremely intelligent. I have no doubt that she is going to be fabulous under-saddle. I can also see a big similarity in their gaits, especially the canter.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about Estella’s dam. I do know her name is Vandela and she is a registered holsteiner. Since she is registered I am able to look up her pedigree, but have been unable to find out anything about the mare, herself. Estella’s breeder had sold Vandela before I came to see Estella, so I haven’t been able to track her down. Vanela’s sire is Cor Noir, a gorgeous black holsteiner who was also successful in dressage.

I love that her pedigree is made up of gorgeous, mostly black, dressage horses! Everything I love! They also seem to have a lot of talent for jumping and great personal characteristics. I think she has a very promising future!

More pictures of her family:

Davignon 1
The Infamous “Donnerhall”
Pik Bube 1
Cor de le Bryere

9 thoughts on “Estella’s Pedigree

  1. Janine

    Very fun and cool!

  2. I had a great time digging into my pony’s history too-it’s so neat what you can find out about them! Awesome pictures-looks like she’s going to have talent to spare!

  3. Beautiful horses in her pedigree!

  4. oh wow, LOTS of gorgeous horses in her pedigree!

  5. I’ve only just spotted this, but thought I’d comment to say that I knew a horse who was related in a very small way to Estella! My friend owned a horse whose grandsire was Donnerhall (the horse’s sire was Don Romantic). Sadly, the horse I knew was put down in October, but he was fantastic. Donnerhall and his progeny are a huge breeding line, but it’s still cool to know someone else who has a piece of him, and that the horses in our lives are connected in a small way 🙂

  6. lisa clements

    dont know if you still have this mare. I am original owner of Vandela, the dam of your girl from suckling through 3 year old. email me – i have lots of show pics of her as a yearling 🙂

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