Farm Updates – June 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done a farm update, mostly because I have been working on around the farm. Now that Pinky is recovering from surgery, I have been spending some time by her crate with her, which is giving me more time to blog!

Weeds are still the bane of my existence. Seriously, how can something so evil exist? I pull and spray my heart out one week and next week it rains and they are all back with their friends. It’s absolutely ridiculous and frustrating. Therefore I ordered a load of screenings to fill in some low spots and make the dry lot thicker. I was going to blog an optimistic post on how I will hopefully be winning the weed battle, but spoiler alert: they are relentless.

That one time we got rain for 80 straight days here in NC (okay, it was really 8. But no one wants that much rain).
Filled it back in. Of course it didn’t stay like this. Filled it back in a second time. Fingers crossed.

Estella and Bella did some remodeling, making our two stall barn one giant stall of awesomeness. Matt and I had tossed around the idea of doing this ourselves, but weren’t sure how to go about removing the huge, 3-inch-thick old oak wood boards. Have no fear, they did it for us! Now the wall is gone and the girls are living the party house dream.

When you’re ridiculous proud of your work.

We had an electrician out last weekend to help get our fans installed before the girls melt this summer. He was so affordable, we had him: install a plug for the fans in the stalls, install a switch for the plug so the fans can be turned on or off by the switch, and install a whole breaker with a light, switch, and plug for the other side of my barn (the storage area, previously only the stalls had lights.) Eventually I would like to get one more light for the hay area which Matt could install himself, so I am adding that to my honey-do list :).

So things are going really well, just really busy. I have had some really great progress with Bella that I will be blogging about soon, and have decided to do more straightness training with Estella. Lots of great things going on!

3 thoughts on “Farm Updates – June 2017

  1. Looks great! A well lit barn is amazing! Especially for those late night emergency vet calls that I hope you never have! 😉

  2. haha nice remodeling girls!

  3. Bonnie

    Loved everything words. Your weed problem is terrible but your words made me laugh. Your home is coming along. Beautifully.

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