Farm Updates – One Month

Life on the farm has been going exceptionally well. We officially passed the one month mark on Tuesday, which means it is finally sinking in that I have my ponies at home <3. The girls continue to settle in more and more everyday, we are all getting adjusted to our new schedules, and really starting to enjoy life “out here.”

The weather has been incredibly nice the past two weeks, so I’ve kept Estella and Bella out 24/7. I put them in their stalls to feed them their minerals (which they may or may not eat, apparently full of hay and grass), and the rest of the time they are out and about. I have noticed a huge difference in their attitudes, much more calm and even less spooky. A huge testament to the power of 24/7 turnout!

Our work around the farm is obviously never-ending, including little things like hanging hay nets to bigger things, like fixing fences and starting to put of kick boards on the stall doors. Last week we also purchased our first weed whacker and lawn mower!  Which means Matt has been working tirelessly to get the obnoxious weed/grass/trees under control around the arena. Such a difference!

There’s always plenty of supervision around here.
All this grass is gone! Yay!

We ended up going with the John Deere x570 for a lawn mower. Shortly after moving in, we decided that a zero turn was out of the question: our pastures are extremely bumpy and rocky. We then had to decided between a riding mower and a tractor, both having their pros and cons. We opted for a riding mower, deciding that for now it would be the best investment for our money. We are lucky to have wonderful neighbors with tractors and without a ton of need for one right now, we are better off to invest all that extra money elsewhere. We originally decided on the x350, but were easily talked out of it at the John Deere store. We want to be able to pull an arena drag and a small trailer/cart for muck tubs. We settled on the x570, which I think will be the perfect fit. It’s fast, has a 54″ mowing deck, and an easily accessible transmission with the ability to pull whatever we want. I am thrilled with our purchase and can’t wait to get a drag and cart for it!

We haven’t done much more on the house with all the work we’ve been doing outside. Matt did replace our old, rusty, creepy air vents with fresh new ones my dad bought us, which made a surprisingly big difference. Our next big effort is getting the guest bedroom painted, which will be no small feat. The weather has been so nice lately tht it has been wonderful to be outside instead of in, so that might have to be put off for a while.

Our only real issue right now is deciding on a farm name! We have found a bunch we like, but haven’t found one that felt totally perfect yet. We thought about Exquisite Acres as a connection to the blog, but it doesn’t feel right. My friend suggested Black Filly Farm which I love so much, but have a little bit of a weird feeling with Estella no longer being a filly. Matt jokingly suggested MareMade Farm, which is absolutely hilarious and fitting for the girls. I love the idea of Sweet Treat Farm, extremely fitting considering 90% of what I do around here is stuff ponies full of treats :). So lots of great ideas, but I’m not sure we have found “the one.”  Have any suggestions? I would love to send some Exquisite Equine Apparel your way if I use yours :).

And in case you missed this cuteness on instagram:

8 thoughts on “Farm Updates – One Month

  1. A guest interested in horsekeeping and barefoot trimming

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Your horses are beautiful and I love your posts about farm life. It’s so true that the work is neverending, but the rewards of caring for your horses are worth it! Also really interested in your barefoot trimming posts – do you trim your own horses?

    • Hi there and welcome! Thanks for following along :). I do trim my own horses! I have trimmed Estella for a few years now and am just now trimming Bella. I’d be happy to help in anyway! Feel free to reach me via the “contact” page, it goes straight to my email 🙂

      • Guest

        That’s great! I’ve started trimming my own due to some previous farrier issues. The farrier was leaving the toes way too long which was really stretching the white line and pulling the heels forward. I’ve been trimming more often to try to get the toes back, but I think I may need to trim right to the sole to reduce the flare. I also want to do the mustang roll, as I think that also helps reduce flare. If you see any stretched white line, do you trim right to the sole? Do you do the mustang roll?

        • Ahhh yes! That’s unfortunately sincresibly common. Good for you for doing something about it, I’m sure they appreciate it!!
          It always depends on the indivual horse on how far back I bring the toe. I’m not a professional, but feel free to email my photos and I can give you my opinion or show you how far I bring my mares toes back! She tends to get underrun quite easily so I keep her toes back for her heels sake. I also mustang roll all the way around.

  2. Guest

    Thank you! I’ll see what I can do about photos. I’m definitely not a professional either, but sometimes I feel like horse owners are much more in tune with their horses and their needs!

  3. Tracy - Fly On Over

    I like Sweet Treat Farm !

    • Thanks!! Still haven’t decided :/

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