I am happy to say we are all settled in at the new house! Matt and I (along with my dad) moved in on Sunday after a successful last day packing and cleaning our old house. We spent Monday making last minute preparations for the horses and Tuesday was here so soon. My dad and I picked up Estella when I got off work and headed to the new house. She was so great on the trailer and casually ate grass once we got here. Bella arrived shortly after and we spent the evening hand grazing them in the front pasture.

Both girls settled in quickly and had an uneventful night (with the exception of all Estella’s squealing because of course she’s in season). On Wednesday I turned them out in two separate pastures but side by side. There was the initial running; Estella had to be dramatic to the max and show off her cool moves. Bella showed us her adorable trot and the two of them trotting the fence together was just too cute. They eventually settled in: Bella was so chill but Estella was a little restless being in season.

By the end of Wednesday, Estella was pretty upset that she could see two horses (Bella and our neighbor’s horse) but couldn’t get to either of them. So on Thursday morning when I saw how calm they were, I casually opened the gate between the pastures and allowed them to be together. It was much sooner than I intended, but it felt right and I went with it. Once they were together it was like turning out two old friends; there wasn’t any squealing/pawing/typical mare greetings. They ate together, trotted around together, and got a drink together. It wasn’t long before they were grooming each other and begging for treats side by side ;).

Their introduction has been the best I have seen with two mares. I know this means Bella is perfect for us and that is such a relief. I am thrilled to have found someone that Estella clearly loves so much and who returns the favor. Bella isn’t afraid of Estella, so Estella isn’t aggressive like she can be with weaker horses. They have a fairly mutual relationship and are happy to do everything together which makes me the happiest ever. Estella can be very protective over me and I had worried that introducing another horse would create a dangerous situation for all of us when I needed to care for that horse, but that isn’t the case at all. I can calmly groom and feed and give lots of love and treats to both of them at the same time without any issues and that is the greatest.

Having such a wonderful farm, the girls being home, and Bella being such a perfect fit is all such a blessing. More updates to come :)!



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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sounds like everything is going nicely! Bella and Estella look like great friends 🙂

    • Yes, they sure are :)!!

  2. YAYYYY! So glad the girls are home and settled in 😀

  3. So jealous. I want to have my horses at home. Hopefully one day. Enjoy!

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