In Which I Realize We Are The Same

Last night, for whatever reason, it finally dawned on me that Estella and I are pretty much the same. How have I never noticed before? I know there’s that old saying that your horse is your mirror, but I don’t think that’s exactly the case. I think that she is herself, but that self happens to be just like me. Is that a product of nature or nurture, or the fact that like attracts like? That I’ll never know, but it does give me some insight into life with her.

When I look at myself in honestly, I see that a lot (both good and bad) of who I am is what I see in Estella.

  1. She’s needy. She needs lots of love, attention, admiring, and most importantly: food.
  2. She’s pushy. She’s not afraid to be pushy in order to get her way, and it works. She always gets what she wants.
  3. She’s selfish. She wants what she wants and she wants it now. She’s not afraid to sacrifice a lease pony in order to get her food.
  4. She’s bold. She’s not afraid to investigate new things and is always curious. Although if something scares her, it really scares her.
  5. She’s loving. She loves to love and be loved. She’s so affectionate and sweet.
  6. She’s very food motivated. Seriously, she will do anything for good food.
  7. She’s pretty dramatic. Especially when something bothers her.
  8. She loves social media. How many horses do you know that smile automatically when you get your phone out?
  9. She has a great work ethic. As long as it’s something she wants. If not, good luck. It’s all or nothing.
  10. She’s very passionate about things she loves. When she loves something, she gives it her all. She really goes above and beyond.

It’s so funny to me to describe her and feel like I am describing myself. I have always thought about how what she does gives me feedback on what I am doing, but have never thought about how who she is being so closely related to who I am. It gives me a new perspective on being with her, and really takes the “treat others the way you wanted to be treated” to a whole new level. I can already foresee changes in our relationship based on that principle, in seeing so much of myself in her.

Do any of you guys have a horse that is the same as you?


6 thoughts on “In Which I Realize We Are The Same

  1. I realize this all the time with my mare and my dog. In different ways. I do believe a small part of it is a mirror deal. A larger part though, I think, is that we are attracted to/recognize/communicate well with/… (I can not find the right word) animals that have the same qualities as us. And. Vise versa.

    • I can certainly agree with that! It definitely makes them easier to relate to. I am finding that I like the same type of dog as I do horse, which shouldn’t be a surprise but definitely interesting.

  2. Hmm I dunno, each of my horses have been pretty different, so I would have to delve pretty deep to find instances of sameness.

    • I must definitely have a “type” then. I loved my last gelding dearly, but after him I said no more geldings. And Estella reminds me of my favorite mare I had growing up, and I am continuously attracted to horses who look and act like them. I guess that makes them my type LOL. But it is pretty interesting to me JUST how alike we are. I don’t think my previous mare and I had this much in common.

  3. I find I get along better with horses that are the opposite of me! If they are too much like me we struggle to not butt heads! Two of my horses are very much like me and sometimes it’s a challenge. But all of my horses in one way or another show me my strengths and weaknesses. That’s the beauty of horses 🙂

    • You know, I would think I would have the butting heads issue with Estella. But we never do for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because it’s like I’m best friends with myself LOLOLOL

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