Introducing Arya

I am so excited to introduce you to our new, sweet girl! She has been here for just over 24 hours and is settling in well.

Her Jockey Club name is Lasombrademipapa and she was previous called Lasombra. Although I think it’s a beautiful name, Matt and I both immediately agreed that we felt like she was an Arya. As I mentioned yesterday, Arya is a 2010 OTTB mare. She race her 3 and 4 year old years, but has only been trail ridden since. She has been owned and loved by the same family her whole life, which I think is so wonderful. Back in October 2017, she was sent to a trainer to be restarted which is where she was when I purchased her. So she has a few months of work under her belt, but not much more than that.

From what I have seen (and from what I was told, too), she has a really wonderful personality. She absolutely LOVES food, so we all know how well she’s going to fit in here LOL. She’s curious, but extremely laid back. She has taken this whole transition so well. She’s a little feisty with the other mares over the fence, but still maintains composure. I think she is going to be really wonderful for Estella and hopefully balance out some of that drama ;).

She’s about 16 hands, maybe 16.1? She needs a little more weight and a whole lot of muscle, but I think with some consistent work and good food she’s going to really blossom. She is stunning right now, so I can only imagine how lovely she’s going to be this summer! I know everyone is obsessed with white and that she’s just a plain bay, but I think she is absolutely lovely! Especially that sweet face!


My plan for her is primarily trail riding. Back in 2016, Matt and I had the greatest time taking Estella all over and trail walking. That was the plan for last year, too, but it was just a little too hectic. Bella wasn’t super thrilled about the trailer and I had a huge fear of getting her somewhere and not being able to get her home. We went once, and it went well, but it was definitely not enough. I hope that this year will will entail lots, and lots of trail rides! I also hope to do some art2ride and straightness training with her, and look forward to developing her muscle. Maybe some dressage or even mini eventing in our future? I guess we’ll just have to see!


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3 thoughts on “Introducing Arya

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! She’s gorgeous!

  3. It’s all about the face and eye for me — I like chrome, but Arya has such a SWEET face!

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