Settling In

Now that we have all been home for over a week, everyone is really starting to settle in. My 4:45 AM alarm doesn’t bother me (thank God I am a morning person), our schedules are in full swing and the girls are really calming down.

The only thing we have had an issue with has been something I never expected: my neighbors horse’s. Our property is a triangle, with one side being all woods and the other side being pasture to neighbor’s house. He has two quarter horses, a chestnut mare beside us and a palomino on the side away from us. I didn’t realize until moving in that the palomino is a stallion (let’s save that discussion for another post), which is why the chestnut mare has to be separated. It means she’s alone, and often is by our fence.

I didn’t think it would be an issue and kept my girls in our front pastures for the first few days near the barn. Well it drove them so crazy that they broke down one of our center fence lines (just t posts and electric tape) to get to her. Anytime I separated them after that, everyone went crazy. After a few days, I threw in the towel and just let everyone be together. Thankfully, none of the mares gives a single shit about the stallion (that’s a QH stallion for you, folks).

The three girls napping together. Crappy cell phone photo taken from inside my house, sorry.

Once Estella came out of season it became a total non-issue. Now my girls happily adventure all over the farm, but still occasional go check on their neighbor (Sassy) and keep her company. It has been such a relief that they are able to venture away now and have been spending plenty of time at the barn and even in the front pasture that’s on the other side of our house from Sassy.

Our arena is at the very front corner of our property, opposite side of Sassy. Needless to say, those first few days I didn’t dare take the girls over there. Now that all is calm, we have been spending some time in the arena and getting Estella back in shape after her time off. Estella was totally fine with the arena and never missed a beat with her time off.  Bella is a little worried about the woods and cars coming over the hill, but has been very brave! I would love to keep track of Bella’s progress, so I will be blogging more about that soon!

First time in the arena! They loved it!

It’s such a relief to see the girls so happy and relaxed here. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to peek out my window all day long to see them grazing, eating lots of hay, sun bathing together, and so on. I hope this feels like as much of a dream to them as it does to me!

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  1. So cute with the 3 of them napping! Lets hope that stallion stays on his side of the fence.

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