Surgery and Shirts

It’s been a little busy around here, hence the lack of posts! For one, we did a thing and got married:


Which was absolutely the greatest thing ever. More on that later.

But we have also been preparing for our precious pittie, Pinky, to have TPLO surgery. She torn her CCL (ACL) last year and we’ve been managing it really well with previcox. Unfortunately, about a month ago she got worse and surgery is now our only option. The surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, June 1st. I am praying that she will be feeling great soon (after a ridiculously long recovery… I guess we’ll all be suffering together).


The surgery is quite expensive and I am hoping to raise some money towards it from selling shirts. I have a few new pittie designs, as well as some new horse ones. Any shirt purchased will go directly towards the surgery; any and all would certainly help! I am also taking custom orders for shirts for a limited time; if you have a specific idea in mind please let me know! And if anyone would like to send Pinky some toys, love, or prayers, we would graciously accept all of those, too .


The two new pittie shirts:


The two new mare shirts:


All my teespring shirts:

My website:

7 thoughts on “Surgery and Shirts

  1. First: congrats, you look amazing, etc.

    Second: Poor Pinky! I’m sorry love. I wish I would have known last year, I would have discussed braces with you a little bit if you were interested. My Mastiff had torn his as well, and we opted for a brace instead of surgery and he has done incredibly well (knock on all the wood). Surgery will help her out though, and get that little leg back to work!

    Thirdly: How will I pick a shirt? Maybe I need to create one? Hmm…

    • Ohhhh let’s still talk about braces!!! I am wondering if one might help through recovery or even for her good leg so she doesn’t strain it? That would be amazing!

      Thanks for all the positive thoughts!! Let me know if you want a shirt :).

      • Meaty’s brace was still pretty expensive (a total of $830) but we skipped the recovery of surgery which was good for him with his size. A brace may certainly help her, but I don’t know if it will be necessary. It was specifically designed to keep the tibia from sliding around like the ligament does. I would only look into the total orthopedic braces, not a fabric one. We got ours from Orthopets. They have a lot of info on their website as well!

        • Interesting! So does he have to wear it all the time?

  2. Congrats on the wedding! Sending good vibes to your pup <3 I still want a 99 problems shirt haha, so many choices!

    • Thank you so much!! And yessss you need one! I wore mine today 🙂

  3. Aw, poor girl!

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