The First Days

IMG_6685Arya has been here for a few days now and I have to admit, it has gone much better than I anticipated. If you remember when we originally moved here last March, the first few weeks that Estella and Bella were here were rough. Two horses that have never met in a place they have never been doesn’t sound like a great situation to begin with, but I wasn’t prepared for what those first weeks would be like. Running, running, running and more running. Breaking through fences, tearing up the fields, trying to jump out of the stalls, and omg the running. It never stopped, which lead to quite a few tears of frustration.

So far, everything with Arya has been pretty simple and easy. She is very laid-back, hasn’t spooked at absolutely anything, and just doesn’t seem to be bothered by much. Even when Bella and Estella would go all the way to the end of the back pasture, leaving Arya pretty much by herself, she merely kept an eye out for them. After hand walking her in the back pasture for the first time, she just moseyed around after I unclipped her (a stark contrast to the time Estella and Bella broke through the fence, bolted around the back pasture for the first time, bolted through another fence to the front pasture, then refused to be caught LOL). She’s taken everything in stride seems so chill. She did run for a little bit once, but within a minute or two she was calmed down and eating hay.


Bella went home Sunday morning and I expected there to be some drama given how attached they were. Estella paced around a little bit, let out a few heart-wrechening calls for Bella, but quickly settled down and ate her hay. They were calm the whole rest of the day, which really caught me by surprise.

Yesterday was warm, sunny and lazy, so it felt like a good time to introduce them. I through out some hay piles, walked Estella to the far one and brought in Arya to the closest one. They casually walked up to each other, kicked out a few times, and went back to hay. And that was that lol. It’s clear Arya is going to be in charge, which is really interesting to me. Estella has been in charge of the last two horses she has been with, and given her attitude I expected her to continue to be. But it’s clear that Arya has this energy about her that makes her want a real leader should be. She’s so calm and confident, and so non-confrientational. Her kicks at Estella had no intent to do harm and she hasn’t offered to do anything else since then. There’s been some tail swishing and ear pinning, but absolutely no drama out of Arya at all. Even when Estella headed toward her with energy and I was for sure it was about to go down, Arya somehow diffused the situation before Estella even made it to her. Such an interesting dynamic to see!


I separated them again overnight and let them back out together first thing this morning. I led Estella to the far hay pile and lead Arya to the nearest. They just ate like they had done that a million times before. It’s crazy to me to see them so calm. With the previous horses she has been with, either she or the horse in charge would have probably moved the lower horse from the hay pile to establish whose hay it was. At least there would have been some ear pinning to remind the other horse to stay away. But they really are totally non-confrontational. It is amazing to see how Arya is clearly in charge, but absolutely doesn’t go out of her way to prove it like a lot of alpha mares do.

It’s only the beginning and only time will tell how things progress from here, but we are certainly off to a good start!

2 thoughts on “The First Days

  1. Definitely a lot less stressful!

  2. Wow, what a well behaved mare Arya is! She is gorgeous too! Sounds like a great introduction.

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